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Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Swine Flu Propaganda" The Introduction Of What's To Come 666 The Mark of the Beast

Not to mention with all the illegal immigration and National Real ID failure 'crisis', you will all be injected to prove that you ARE who you SAY you are

US dollar is teetering into a complete collapse, and a cashless MICRO CHIPPED society will be ushered in to have total financial, mental and physical control over all US citizens

Everyone in USA owes about $30,000 average national debt, how else are the globalist bankers supposed to round everyone up?

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Food prices are ’global crisis’

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Food prices are 'global crisis'

Concerns about food security mounted this week as rice prices hit records in Asia and the United States warned that staples for the world's hungry were getting much more expensive. The cost of feeding the world's hungry has jumped nearly 40% amid spiralling food costs and oil prices. Anger over high food and fuel costs in recent months has sparked protests in several countries. Governments of several food-growing countries, worried about domestic shortages, have imposed export curbs, spooking markets at a time when world inventories are down sharply. "The United Nations is very much concerned as all members of the international community (are)." The international community needs to take immediate action and world leaders should discuss ways to improve food distribution systems and production.

Increased food and petrol prices, and rising interest rates, are creating a new class of "white collar battlers", welfare groups warn. The Salvation Army in Australia has seen a 58% rise in crisis clients in the past six months, many of whom don't fit the usual profile of those in need. "Now WE HAVE A WHOLE NEW CLASS WHO ARE SIMPLY NOT COPING. First-home buyers who have bought into their dream and woken up to a very harsh reality. Young families, people with secure employment who find their costs exceed their income." The number of those seeking help had grown so sharply the charity was having to turn some people away. Financial pressures are pushing some white collar workers to the brink. "We're seeing different people who are really struggling, people who have white collar jobs, people with full-time jobs. It is really concerning.


FEMA Martial LAw Drill Could go LIVE MAY1..


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http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=8wdTOBWa-Xg

*Note-FEMA/CIA had an "Anti-terror drill" on 9/11!, during a significant occult event/planetary alignment

How Illuminati use "Drills" to carry out REAL events

ALERT-Nation wide FEMA "Drill" during Satanic Holiday dedicated to human sacrifice, Beltaine (May 1st)

Is this the Time the Illuminati will choose to set off ANOTHER false flag attack,
BIGGER than 9/11,
as an excuse to NUKE IRan,
and finally declare MARTIAL LAW on the USA, take our guns,& round Americans up in CAMPS??

(P.S. FEMA has built Concentration Camps all over the USA for just this moment.

Dont believe me about camps in America?

Proof Below





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the beginning of the end of America



Monday, April 21, 2008

Survivalism During Food Crisis And Economic Collapse

And survive a post nuclear pandemic US martial law holocaust, perhaps?

ALIVE AND ALONE Will Smith stars in “I Am Legend” as a survivor of a man-made virus, walking New York’s desolate streets

Survivorman - Off The Grid

Duck and Cover: It’s the New Survivalism

New York Times
Published: April 6, 2008

http://www. nytimes. com/2008/04/06/fashion/06survival. html?_r=2&oref=slogin&oref=slogin

THE traditional face of survivalism is that of a shaggy loner in camouflage, holed up in a cabin in the wilderness and surrounded by cases of canned goods and ammunition

It is not that of Barton M. Biggs, the former chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley. Yet in Mr.

Biggs’s new book, “Wealth, War and Wisdom,” he says people should “assume the possibility of a breakdown of the civilized infrastructure”

“Your safe haven must be self-sufficient and capable of growing some kind of food,” Mr. Biggs writes. “It should be well-stocked with seed, fertilizer, canned food, wine, medicine, clothes, etc. Think Swiss Family Robinson.

Even in America and Europe there could be moments of riot and rebellion when law and order temporarily completely breaks down”

Survivalism, it seems, is not just for survivalists anymore

Faced with a confluence of diverse threats — a tanking economy, a housing crisis, looming environmental disasters, and a sharp spike in oil prices — people who do not consider themselves extremists are starting to discuss doomsday measures once associated with the social fringes

They stockpile or grow food in case of a supply breakdown, or buy precious metals in case of economic collapse. Some try to take their houses off the electricity grid, or plan safe houses far away.

The point is not to drop out of society, but to be prepared in case the future turns out like something out of “An Inconvenient Truth,” if not “Mad Max”

“I’m not a gun-nut, camo-wearing skinhead.

I don’t even hunt or fish,” said Bill Marcom, 53, a construction executive in Dallas

Still, motivated by a belief that the credit crunch and a bursting housing bubble might spark widespread economic chaos — “the Greater Depression,” as he put it — Mr. Marcom began to take measures to prepare for the unknown over the last few years: buying old silver coins to use as currency; buying G.P.S.

units, a satellite telephone and a hydroponic kit; and building a simple cabin in a remote West Texas desert

“If all these planets line up and things do get really bad,” Mr.

Marcom said, “those who have not prepared will be trapped in the city with thousands of other people needing food and propane and everything else”

Interest in survivalism — in either its traditional hard-core version or a middle-class “lite” variation — functions as a leading economic indicator of social anxiety, preparedness experts said: It spikes at times of peril real (the post-Sept.

11 period) or imagined (the chaos that was supposed to follow the so-called Y2K computer bug in 2000)

At times, a degree of paranoia is officially sanctioned. In the 1950s, civil defense authorities encouraged people to build personal bomb shelters because of the nuclear threat.

In 2003, the Department of Homeland Security encouraged Americans to stock up on plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal windows in case of biological or chemical attacks

Now, however, the government, while still conducting business under a yellow terrorism alert, is no longer taking a lead role in encouraging preparedness.

For some, this leaves a vacuum of reassurance, and plenty to worry about

Esteemed economists debate whether the credit crisis could result in a complete meltdown of the financial system.

A former vice president of the United States informs us that global warming could result in mass flooding, disease and starvation, perhaps even a new Ice Age

“You just can’t help wonder if there’s a train wreck coming,” said David Anderson, 50, a database administrator in Colorado Springs who said he was moved by economic uncertainties and high energy prices, among other factors, to stockpile months’ worth of canned goods in his basement for his wife, his two young children and himself

Popular culture also provides reinforcement, in books like “The Road,” Cormac McCarthy’s novel about a father and son journeying through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and films like “I Am Legend,” which stars Will Smith as a survivor of a man-made virus wandering the barren streets of New York

Middle-class survivalists can also browse among a growing number of how-to books with titles like “Dare to Prepare!” a self-published work by Holly Drennan Deyo, or “When All Hell Breaks Loose” by Cody Lundin (Gibbs Smith, 2007), which instructs readers how to dispose of bodies and dine on rats and dogs in the event of disaster

Preparedness activity is difficult to track statistically, since people who take measures are usually highly circumspect by nature, said Jim Rawles, the editor of www. survivalblog. com, a preparedness Web site. Nevertheless, interest in the survivalist movement “is experiencing its largest growth since the late 1970s,” Mr. Rawles said in an e-mail, adding that traffic at his blog has more than doubled in the past 11 months, with more than 67,000 unique visitors per week.

And its base is growing

“Our core readership is still solidly conservative,” he said.

“But in recent months I’ve noticed an increasing number of stridently green and left-of-center readers”

One left-of-center environmentalist who is taking action is Alex Steffen, the executive editor of www. worldchanging. com, a Web site devoted to sustainability. With only slight irony, Mr.

Steffen, 40, said he and his girlfriend could serve as “poster children for the well-adjusted, urban liberal survivalist,” given that they keep a six-week cache of food and supplies in his basement in Seattle (although they polished off their bottle of doomsday whiskey at a party)

He said the chaos following Hurricane Katrina served as a wake-up call for him and others that the government might not be able to protect them in an emergency or environmental crisis

“The ‘where do we land when climate change gets crazy?’ question seems to be an increasingly common one,” said Mr.

Steffen in an e-mail message, adding that such questions have “really gone mainstream”

Many of the new, nontraditional preparedness converts are “Peakniks,” Mr. Rawles said, referring to adherents of the “Peak Oil” theory. This concept holds that the world will soon, or has already, reached a peak in oil production, and that coming supply shortages might threaten society. While the theory is still disputed by many industry analysts and executives, it has inched toward the mainstream in the last two years, as oil prices have nearly doubled, surpassing $100 a barrel.

The topic, which was the subject of a United States Department of Energy report in 2005, has attracted attention in publications like The New York Times Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, and was a primary focus of “Megadisasters: Oil Apocalypse,” a recent History Channel special

Another book, “The Long Emergency” (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2005), by James Howard Kunstler, an author and journalist who writes about economic and environmental issues, argues that American suburbs and cities may soon lay desolate as people, starved of oil, are forced back to the land to adopt a hardscrabble, 19th-century-style agrarian life

Such fears caused Joyce Jimerson of Bellingham, Wash., a coordinator for a recycling-composting program affiliated with Washington State University, to make her yard an “edible garden,” with fruit trees and vegetables, in case supplies are threatened by oil shortages, climate change or economic collapse.

“It’s all the same ball of wax, as far as I’m concerned,” she said

Scott Troyer, an energy consultant in Sunnyvale, Calif., said he was spurred by discussions of peak oil — “it’s not a theory,” he said — and other energy concerns to remake his suburban house in anticipation of a petroleum-starved future. Mr.

Troyer, 57, installed a photovoltaic electricity system, a pellet stove and a “cool roof” to reflect the sun’s rays, among other measures

Mr. Troyer remains cautiously optimistic that Americans can wean themselves from oil through smart engineering and careful planning.

But, he said, “the doomsday scenarios will happen if people don’t prepare”

Some middle-class preparedness converts, like Val Vontourne, a musician and paralegal in Olympia, Wash.

, recoil at the term “survivalist,” even as they stock their homes with food, gasoline and water

“I think of survivalists as being an extreme case of preparedness,” said Ms. Vontourne, 44, “people who stockpile guns and weapons, anticipating extreme aggression.

Whereas what I’m doing, I think of as something responsible people do

“I now think of storing extra food, water, medicine and gasoline in the same way I think of buying health insurance and putting money in my 401k,” she said.

“It just makes sense”

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The End of Suffering

Stop suffering. "Love does not equal to pain."I felt i needed to ad a special video very important message..You will thank me later.Stop allowing other doing harm to you.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dr. William Deagle Lecture

Dr. William Deagle Lecture 12/07/2006





Info about nutrition, extraterrestrials, New World Order, Moon Base, Mars colony, Deep Underground Military Bases, super soldiers, GMO, Illuminati 4th dimensional workings, even modified attack baboons.

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RFID Chipped Cashless Society MEGAPOST

We The People Will Not Be Chipped-Resistance is NOT futile , we will NOT be assimilated

The new Nazi swastika - RFID microchips

RFID VeriChip ready to be injected into you and your newborn upon ECONOMIC COLLAPSE

Department of Homeland Security "Blinks" and Offers Real ID Extensions to Holdout States

Posted by Richard Esguerra
April 2nd, 2008

http://www. eff. org/deeplinks/2008/04/department-homeland-security-blinks-and-offers-real-id-extensions-holdout-states

Department of Homeland Security "Blinks" and Offers Real ID Extensions to Holdout States
Posted by Richard Esguerra
We've written previously about the showdown between the states and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) over Real ID -- a federal mandate that seeks to turn states' driver's licenses into national identity cards.

Several states have rightfully vowed to oppose Real ID because it's expensive and a massive violation of privacy for their citizens

Earlier this year, the Department of Homeland Security gave the states an ultimatum: If you aren't going to implement Real ID by May 2008, file for an extension by March 31, 2008.

If you don't file for an extension, you risk having your states' ID's rejected when your citizens try to get on planes or enter federal buildings in May

The DHS offered this extension option partially because the May deadline was too tight for many states, regardless of whether they approved or opposed Real ID.

More sneakily, however, the extension offer was also a way for the DHS to delay a looming conflict with states that refused to implement the destructive provisions

A few holdout states refused to cave to the delaying tactic. Days before the March 31st deadline, Montana and South Carolina stood strong and stared down the agency's threats, rejecting Real ID in letters addressed to DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff -- but the DHS "blinked" and responded by treating the letters as requests for extensions instead.

The agency also sparred with Maine, eventually granting an post-deadline extension after negotiating over some of the more isolated Real ID provisions

Ultimately, the delays and extensions can't stand against the arguments overwhelmingly pointing to the repeal of the flawed Real ID Act.

Even states that made extension requests have included caveats -- take California, whose Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles wrote, "California's request for an extension is not a commitment to implement REAL ID, rather it will allow us to fully evaluate the impact of the final regulations and precede with necessary policy deliberations prior to a final decision on compliance"

Otherwise, leaders in Congress recognize Real ID as flawed legislation and it faces broad opposition from the states saddled with implementing it.

Keep the issue on Congress' plate by demanding a repeal of Real ID through our Action Center

The six-storey Paul Allen Center for Computer Science and Engineering will be the setting for the study

Future Of Social Networking Explored In UW's Computer Science Building

Seattle WA (SPX) Feb 13, 2008

Contact: Hannah Hickey
University of Washington

http://www. eurekalert. org/pub_releases/2008-02/uow-fos021208. php

If you need information, the Internet offers a wealth of resources. But if you're hunting down a person or a thing, a computer's not much help. That may soon change.

Electronic tags promise to create what some call the "Internet of things," in which objects and people are connected through a virtual network

To see what this future world would be like, a pilot project involving dozens of volunteers in the University of Washington's computer science building provides the next step in social networking, wirelessly monitoring people and things in a closed environment

Beginning in March, volunteer students, engineers and staff will wear electronic tags on their clothing and belongings to sense their location every five seconds throughout much of the six-story building. The information will be saved to a database, published to Web pages and used in various custom tools.

The project is one of the largest experiments looking at wireless tags in a social setting

The RFID Ecosystem project aims to create a world that many technology experts predict is just on the horizon, said project leader Magda Balazinska, a UW assistant professor of computer science and engineering. The project explores the use of radio-frequency identification, or RFID, tags in a social environment.

The team has installed some 200 antennas in the Paul Allen Center for Computer Science and Engineering

Early next month researchers will begin recruiting 50 volunteers from about 400 people who regularly use the building

"Our goal is to ask what benefits can we get out of this technology and how can we protect people's privacy at the same time," Balazinska said.

"We want to get a handle on the issues that would crop up if these systems become a reality"

The Ecosystem can alert users when they have left something behind

Many businesses already use RFID tags to track products in the supply chain. Now the tool is moving to other areas. Some transit agencies use radio tags in bus and train passes. The new U.S. passports incorporate RFID tags.

Technology experts predict that RFID tags will soon be incorporated in consumer devices, such as cell phones, laptops and music players

Each tag, which looks a bit like a thin, flexible credit card, costs about 20 cents to produce. A specialized reader can scan the card through any non-metal barrier and from up to 30 feet away, depending on the type of tag. RFID tags are miniature computer chips that contain far more information than a barcode.

Also, you can write to an RFID tag--meaning the signal could not only identify the item, but what group it belongs to, when it was last seen, and other information

The technology has already proven its use in tracking goods. A manufacturer can identify a cart of hamburger patties and know which plant it came from, when it shipped out and a history of its temperature during transit.

UW computer-science staff members have already requested to participate in the study so that they will be able to track their equipment as it is moved through the building

But for people, the technology's power raises questions. An RFID card can be read from a distance and without the wearer's knowledge.

The associated databases archive vast amounts of information

"What if RFID readers were everywhere, and everything had RFID tags? What are the pluses and minuses? What do you do with all that data?" said Gaetano Borriello, a UW professor of computer science and engineering. "In computer science, we try to create a future world that doesn't exist yet.

We'd like to get some experience rather than just conjecture about this"

Separate tags are attached to a purse, book, name badge and laptop adaptor (clockwise from top left)

The researchers received human subjects approval to conduct the trial. Each participant will be able to control who can see his or her data, and can delete any data or opt out of the study at any time without explanation or penalty.

Researchers also note that they have not placed any RFID readers near bathrooms or eating areas, because these are considered personal spaces

Study volunteers will be interviewed periodically.

The researchers will be assessing both positive aspects, such as keeping track of everything from where you lost your laptop charger to where your friends are meeting for coffee, and negative aspects in terms of loss of privacy

"Even if you wanted to study just privacy, or just utility, you'd have to study the other as well," said Evan Welbourne, a UW doctoral student in computer science and engineering. "People are more likely to give out information if there's a benefit to them.

You can't really separate issues of privacy from issues of utility"

Research members have been testing the system on themselves. Over the past year, all 10 members of the group have worn the tags on their necks and placed them on certain belongings. Balazinska set the system so that she can't see her students, but she allows them to access her data. The students occasionally used the alerts to catch their adviser on her way out of the building.

Many members of the team reported using the database to find out where they had left their belongings

The pilot study will incorporate two new student-developed features that aim to exploit the system's potential benefits. One invention is a tool that records a person's movements in Google Calendar.

Study participants can set the system to instantaneously publish activities on their Web calendar, such as arrival at work, meetings or lunch breaks

"It's a perfect memory system that records all your personal interactions throughout the day," Welbourne said "You can go back a day later, a month later, and see, 'What did I do that day?' or, 'Who have I spent my time with lately?'"

Another tool is a friend finder, named RFIDder (pronounced "fritter"). This sends instant alerts to participants' e-mail addresses or cell phones telling them when friends are in certain places. With RFIDder, each user can specify who is allowed to see their data. They can change the settings at any time, and can easily turn it off whenever they don't want to be found.

The system will link to Twitter, an online blog that lets people post their whereabouts online

"We want to observe how a group of people uses these tools, whether they find them useful, how they adapt them," Balazinska said

Researchers are also devising ways to deal with the many technical challenges involved in sorting RFID data. As data floods in, the researchers would like to make sense of it. They also want to develop a main database where people can find the information they need, but can't abuse it by looking at too much of other people's personal information.

Proposals include systems that would impose a cost for looking up certain types of information, or that would let people see who is accessing their data

A major research focus is extracting information from imperfect data. Metal can block the RFID signal and using the data to figure out people's actual position is tricky.

Current systems combine artificial intelligence and database techniques to produce usable information, Balazinska said

"This is a major project that has many facets," Balazinska said.

"We worry that these technologies are being implemented too quickly, and with this system we want to explore it in a controlled environment, to inform the public and policymakers about issues we might face"

The project is funded by the National Science Foundation, Microsoft Research and the UW's College of Engineering

The late Aaron Russo warned of Rockefeller bankers plan to RFID tag EVERYONE

IBM, VeriChip and the 4th Reich

US military already implanted our soldiers with RFID VeriChips

What is VeriChip? What will it do to you?

As if presidential candidates' US RFID Passport failures and DHS Real ID problems are not excuses enough... now here is a really GOOD reason why you WILL accept that RFID VeriChip injection when pandemic breaks out in USA

Yeah and you still believe AIDS is a product of nature, not engineered by big pharma at all. Watch Dr. William Deagle's Warning, too.

Something big is going to break out all over USA

STMicroelectronics is a worldwide LEADING supplier of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) TRACKING chips

Thanks juan for the article earlier...

STMicro launches chip to detect bird flu

Mon Mar 24, 2008

http://www. reuters. com/article/technologyNews/idUSSIN21726520080324?feedType=RSS&feedName=technologyNews&sp=true

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Europe's top semiconductor maker, STMicroelectronics, said it has developed a portable chip to detect influenza viruses including bird flu in humans

The device, which functions as a mini laboratory on a chip, can screen and identify multiple classes of pathogens and genes in a single diagnostic test within two hours, unlike other tests available on the market that can detect only one strain at a time and require days or weeks to obtain results

The chip can differentiate human strains of the Influenza A and B viruses, drug-resistant strains and mutated variants, including the Avian Flu or H5N1 strain

There have been 236 human deaths globally from the H5N1 strain, according to the World Health Organisation, though it remains mainly a bird virus

"ST sees new high growth opportunities in the healthcare market, especially in areas like patient care," said Francois Guibert, STMicro's Asia Pacific chief executive, at a briefing in Singapore on Monday marking the commercial launch

The VereFlu Chip was developed by the Franco-Italian chipmaker together with Singapore's privately held Veredus Laboratories after more than a year of research.

The application underwent extensive evaluation trials at Singapore's National University Hospital last year

It allows users to process and analyze patient samples -- comprising human blood, serum or respiratory swabs -- on a single disposable thumbnail-sized microchip

Guibert said revenue contributions from its biomedical chip business would remain "negligible" for at least another three to five years

Veredus Chief Executive Rosemary Tan said the company had obtained "very promising" sales orders from hospitals and non-hospital customers, but declined to provide details

Another big potential market is the screening of travelers at airports and border checkpoints, Tan said

Experts are monitoring the H5N1 virus for signs of mutation into a form easily transmitted from person to person, a development that could trigger a deadly pandemic.

So far most human cases can be traced to contact with infected birds

STMicro and Veredus have set up a joint laboratory in Singapore, where their experts will work on developing new biomedical applications using STMicro's chip platform for other infectious diseases, oncology and heart-disease markers

Will Bird Flu Scare You into Getting Chipped?

http://www. spychips. com/blog/2005/12/will_bird_flu_scare_you_into_g_1. html

Beware! Americans are being prepped for a big health crisis that could scare them into lining up for a VeriChip

In a new AP article out today, a "government advisor" is painting a bleak picture of America under seige by the bird flu.

He claims that people might be too sick or too scared to go to work, companies could go bankrupt, and citizens might not have basic necessities Here's a snippet from that article, titled "Few companies prepared for a flu pandemic":

Public health specialists and the government are pressuring businesses to prepare for a worldwide outbreak of the bird flu or some other superstrain of influenza, a crisis that could bankrupt many companies if their workers are too sick or scared to show up and their supply chains disappear
The concern isn't just because of economics, but because many companies provide products and services that people literally can't live without, said Michael Osterholm of the University of Minnesota, who advises the government

"Automobiles, jewelry and electronics will not be big ticket items" during the next flu pandemic, Osterholm notes.

"We still have to feed people How do we assure we have heat, fuel oil, electricity?"

Of course VeriChip board member and spokesperson Tommy Thompson is very concerned about this scenario, too. So much so, that he and his new Deloitte & Touche health think tank commissioned a survey to prove how ill prepared companies are for this questionable disaster on the horizon.

According to the article, the survey will be unveiled behind closed doors to 25 companies and health officials this Friday

Can't you see this drama leading to the suggestion that Americans get chipped as a way to keep us all safe in the impending crisis? I'm predicting the chip will be touted as a way to keep tabs on those who are sick so they can't infect you or your loved ones--and even protect you in your time of need should you become ill and be unable to speak in the event of an emergency

Something's up

According to some doctors and researchers, the bird flu is not the contagion health spokespeople would like you to think Check out these links for other viewspoints on the human risks of avian flu:

Eliminating Bird Flu Fears by Dr Sherri Tenpenny

Bird Flu Doctor Says Fear is Exaggerated at the UK Times Online

Bird flu may mutate to human form in Indonesia: FAO

Mar 18, 2008
http://www. reuters. com/article/healthNews/idUSCOL85295820080318

MILAN (Reuters) - The bird flu virus, widespread in Indonesia, could mutate and cause a human influenza pandemic, the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on Tuesday

"I am deeply concerned that the high level of virus circulation in birds in the country could create conditions for the virus to mutate and to finally cause a human influenza pandemic," FAO Chief Veterinary Officer Joseph Domenech said in a statement

Avian influenza mostly attacks birds but its deadly H5N1 strain has killed 235 people around the world among 372 known cases since its outbreak in 2003 in Asia

"The human mortality rate from bird flu in Indonesia is the highest in the world and there will be more human cases if we do not focus more on containing the disease at source in animals," Domenech said

Bird flu has hit 31 out of 33 provinces of Indonesia with an endemic virus in Java, Sumatra, Bali and southern Sulawesi and sporadic outbreaks reported in other areas, Rome-based FAO said

Despite major control efforts, Indonesia has failed to contain the spread of bird flu in poultry in the country where about 20 percent of 1.

4 billion chickens are scattered in around 30 million backyards, Domenech said

"We have also observed that new H5N1 avian influenza virus strains have recently emerged, creating the possibility that vaccines currently in use may not be fully protecting poultry against the disease," he said

A highly decentralized administration, under-resourced national veterinary services, thin international and national financial and human resources for control campaigns are among the major problems that Indonesia has to deal with in fighting the virus spread, he said

Dr. William Deagle... LISTEN TO HIM ! He has some serious warning for us all!

Dig out your new US passports - take a look

Close up on that RFID chip - The NEW Swastika

We The People Will Not Be Chipped-Resistance is NOT futile , we will NOT be assimilated

Many of you already know that Obama, Clinton, McCain's recent RFID-laced passports had been hacked. However, all this hype is not without reason. This is all part of the NWO banker's dangerous step in promoting a more 'secure' measure of national identification.

RFID Real ID, US passports, are ALL GOING TO FAIL, because ultimately, the globalist bankers such as the Rothschild, Rockefeller empires, all want to INJECT US WITH THE RFID CHIPS INTO OUR BODIES

This is nothing new. It is called the Hegelian Priciple. They create a giant problem, and offer us the ultimate solution.


While stopping at a Mexican airport during my week long vacation, I talked to a group of UK travelling retirees. They showed me their EU passport, and yes they were all tagged with RFID radio frequency chips. When I opened conversation with them about the coming problems of chipping the entire world population, they all went silent, because THEY KNOW.

US citizens are only more ignorant about the coming BIG BROTHER hell when the US economy comes to a screeching halt

There is NO difference between NAZI prisoner tattoos and RFID VeriChip injections...

IBM, VeriChip, and the 4th REICH


Carl Sanders - RFID Chip Pioneer

Now listen to Carl Sanders, one of the pioneers of the RFID radio frequency ID chip. He had long mentioned that upon the 'technical' failures of the already RFID-laced US PASSPORTS and soon the DHS NATIONAL ID, the NWO government will soon use these failures as excuses to 'UPGRADE' the security by forcing RFID CHIP DEEP TISSUE INJECTION INTO EVERBODY.

Not to mention with all the illegal immigration and National Real ID failure 'crisis', you will all be injected to prove that you ARE who you SAY you are

US dollar is teetering into a complete collapse, and a cashless MICROCHIPPED society will be ushered in to have total financial, mental and physical control over all US citizens

Everyone in USA owes about $30,000 average national debt, how else are the globalist bankers supposed to round everyone up?


The Mark of the Beast and Implanted Microchip Technology

by Dr.

Carl W

Sanders, RFID chip inventor

Dr Carl W. Sanders is an electronics engineer, inventor, author and consultant to various government organizations as well as IBM, General Electric, Honeywell and Teledyne. He is also a winner of the Presidents and Governors Award for Design Excellence.

Here he explains the microchip in his own words

"Thirty two years of my life was spent in design engineering and electronics designing microchips in the Bio-Med field. In 1968 I became involved, almost by accident, in a research and development project in regard to a spinal bypass for a young lady who had severed her spine. They were looking at possibly being able to connect motor nerves etc. It was a project we were all excited about. There were 100 people involved and I was senior engineer in charge of the project. This project culminated in the microchip that we talk about now a - microchip that I believe is going to be the positive identification and mark of the beast. This microchip is recharged by body temperature changes. Obviously you can't go in and have your battery changed every so often, so the microchip has a recharging circuit that charges based upon the body temperature changes. Over one and a half million dollars was spent finding out that the two places in the body that the temperature changes the most rapidly are in the forehead (primary position), right below the hairline, and the back of the hand (alternative position). Working on the microchip, we had no idea about it ever being an identification chip. We looked at it as being a very humanitarian thing to do. We were all excited about what we were doing. We were doing high-level integration for the very first time. This team was made up of people out of San Jose, people from Motorola, General Electric, Boston Medical Center - it was quite a group of people. My responsibility had to do with the design of the chip itself, not the medical side of if. As the chip came to evolve, there came a time in the project when they said that the financial return on bypassing severed spines is not a very lucrative thing for us to be into, so we really need to look at some other areas. We noticed that the frequency of the chip had a great effect upon behavior and so we began to branch off and look possibly at behavior modification. The project almost turned into electronic acupuncture because what they ended up with was embedding the microchip to put out a signal which effected certain areas. They were able to determine that you could cause behavioral change. One of the projects was called the Phoenix project which had to do with Vietnam veterans. We had a chip that was called the Rambo chip. This chip would actually cause extra adrenaline flow. I wonder how many people know that if you can stop the output of the the pituitary gland (the signal from the pituitary gland that causes estrogen flow), you can put a person into instant menopause and there is no conception. This was tested in India and other different parts of the world. So here you have got a birth control tool, based on a microchip. Microchips can also be used for migraine headaches, behavior modification, upper/downer, sexual stimulant and sexual depressant. This is nothing more than electronic acupuncture, folks. There are 250,000 components in the microchip, including a tiny lithium battery. I fought them over using lithium as a battery source but NASA was doing a lot with lithium at that time and it was the going thing. I had talked to a doctor at the Boston Medical Center about what that concentration of lithium in the body could do if the chip broke down. He said that you would get boils or a grievous sore. As the development moved along, I left the project and came back as a consultant several times. I was used in many meetings as an expert witness in regard to the uses of the microchip. I was in one meeting where it was discussed. How can you control a people if you can't identify them?" All of a sudden the idea came: "Lets make them aware of lost children, etc." This was discussed in meetings almost like people were cattle. As we developed this microchip, as the identification chip became the focal point, there were several things that were wanted. They wanted a name, a Digitized Image (picture of your face), Social security number with the international digits on it, finger print identification, physical description, family history, address, occupation, income tax information and criminal record. I've been in 17 "one world" meetings where this has been discussed, meetings in Brussels, Luxembourg, tying together the finances of the world. Just recently in the newspapers they've talked about the Health Care Program, the "Womb to Tomb" identification! A positive identification. There are bills before congress right now that will allow them to inject a microchip in your child at the time of birth for identification purposes. The president of the United States of America, under the "Emigration of Control Act of 1996", Section 100, has the authority to deem whatever type of identification is necessary - whether it be an invisible tattoo or electronic media under the skin. So I think you have to look at the facts, folks: this is not coming as some big shock.

The paving has been done ahead of time


Real ID:National ID Card a Disaster in the Making


Six years into the "new normal" of terror alerts, identification checks, electronic surveillance, and increasing levels of secrecy-based security, the prospect of a national identification card needs serious public debate

In March, the Department of Homeland Security released its long-awaited guidance document regarding national implementation of the Real ID program, as part of its post-9/11 national security initiatives

It is perhaps quite telling that despite bipartisan opposition, Real ID was buried in a 2005 "must-pass" military spending bill and enacted into law without public debate or congressional hearings

DHS has maintained that the Real ID concept is not a national identification database.

While it's true that the system is not a single database per se, this is a semantic dodge; according to the DHS document, Real ID will be a collaborative data-interchange environment built from a series of interlinking systems operated and administered by the states

In other words, to the Department of Homeland Security, it's not a single database because it's not a single system.

But the functionality of a single database remains intact under the guise of a federated data-interchange environment

The DHS document notes the "primary benefit of Real ID is to improve the security and lessen the vulnerability of federal buildings, nuclear facilities, and aircraft to terrorist attack


We know now that vulnerable cockpit doors were the primary security weakness contributing to 9/11, and reinforcing them was a long-overdue protective measure to prevent hijackings

But this still raises an interesting question: Are there really so many members of the American public just "dropping by" to visit a nuclear facility that it's become a primary reason for creating a national identification system? Are such visitors actually admitted?

They will become stigmatized, branded, marked, ostracized, segregated

DHS proposes guidelines for proving one's identity and residence when applying for a Real ID card. Yet while the department concedes it's a monumental task to prove one's domicile or residence, it leaves it up to the states to determine what documents would be adequate proof of residence--and even suggests that a utility bill or bank statement might be appropriate documentation.

If so, a person could easily generate multiple proof-of-residence documents

Basing Real ID on such easy-to-forge documents obviates a large portion of what Real ID is supposed to accomplish

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for Americans, the very last paragraph of the 160-page Real ID document deserves special attention.

In a nod to states' rights advocates, DHS declares that states are free not to participate in the Real ID system if they choose--but any identification card issued by a state that does not meet Real ID criteria is to be clearly labeled as such, to include "bold lettering" or a "unique design" similar to how many states design driver's licenses for those under 21 years of age

In its own guidance document, the department has proposed branding citizens not possessing a Real ID card in a manner that lets all who see their official state-issued identification know that they're "different," and perhaps potentially dangerous, according to standards established by the federal government.

They would become stigmatized, branded, marked, ostracized, segregated

All in the name of protecting the homeland; no wonder this provision appears at the very end of the document·

One likely outcome of this DHS-proposed social segregation is that people presenting non-Real ID identification automatically will be presumed suspicious and perhaps subject to additional screening or surveillance to confirm their innocence at a bar, office building, airport or routine traffic stop.

Such a situation would establish a new form of social segregation--an attempt to separate "us" from "them" in the age of counterterrorism and the new normal, where one is presumed suspicious until proven more suspicious

It's time to rethink some of the security decisions made during the emotional aftermath of 9/11

Two other big-picture concerns about Real ID come to mind: Looking at the overall concept of a national identification database, and given existing data security controls in large distributed systems, one wonders how vulnerable this system-of-systems will be to data loss or identity theft resulting from unscrupulous employees, flawed technologies, external compromises or human error--even under the best of security conditions. And second, there is no clear guidance on the limits of how the Real ID database would be used.

Other homeland security initiatives, such as the Patriot Act, have been used and applied--some say abused--for purposes far removed from anything related to homeland security

How can we ensure the same will not happen with Real ID?

As currently proposed, Real ID will fail for several reasons. From a technical and implementation perspective, there are serious questions about its operational abilities both to protect citizen information and resist attempts at circumvention by adversaries. Financially, the initial unfunded $11 billion cost, forced onto the states by the federal government, is excessive.

And from a sociological perspective, Real ID will increase the potential for expanded personal surveillance and lay the foundation for a new form of class segregation in the name of protecting the homeland

It's time to rethink some of the security decisions made during the emotional aftermath of 9/11 and determine whether they're still a good idea for homeland security and America. After all, if Real ID was such a well-conceived plan, Maine and 22 other states wouldn't be challenging it in their legislatures or rejecting the Real ID concept for any number of reasons.

But they are

And we as citizens should, too.

Let the debate begin

*Richard Forno is a principal consultant at KRvW Associates, a Washington-area security consultancy

*Bruce Schneier is the chief technology officer of BT Counterpane, a Mountain View, Calif.

, security services company

http://news. com. com/National%2BID%2Bcard%2Ba%2Bdisaster%2Bin%2Bthe



The late Aaron Russo revealed Rockefellers' plan to microchip the entire US population



We The People Will Not Be Chipped-Resistance is NOT futile , we will NOT be assimilated

Carlyle And The RFID Chip Connection
Carlyle Corporation, the Bush family war profiteering corporate vehicle, is connected with the Nazi emblem chips. MATRICS is one of the Carlyle subsidiaries.

Hedge fund on verge of collapse

BBC News
13 March 2008

http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/business/7293663. stm

Carlyle Capital Corporation (CCC), a unit of the private equity firm Carlyle Group, has said it will not be able to meet lenders' demands for money
The US mortgage-backed bond fund will collapse if, as expected, its lenders seize its remaining assets

CCC's problems are the latest sign of the credit market turmoil that has prompted billions of dollars of losses at some of the world's biggest banks

Other investment funds may now face similar problems, analysts fear

In the past year, global banks and hedge funds have been buying mortgage-backed securities, which offered strong returns and were seen as relatively safe investments during the US housing boom

However, they have fallen in value after higher interest rates led to a drop in the housing market and a surge in mortgage defaults, especially in the sub-prime sector which focused on clients with low incomes or poor credit

"There will be some very scared people in hedge-fund land today," said BBC business editor Robert Peston

"Hedge funds that have borrowed from banks against the security of mortgage-backed debt could be about to see their assets sucked into the banking system and their businesses vanish," he added

'Whirlwind blowing'

CCC's problems came to a head last week when it became apparent that it was not going to be able to service its debts

Some of the banks that had lent CCC money started liquidating assets, and the Dutch-listed fund's shares were suspended

On Wednesday, CCC said that it had not been able to refinance its business. It said it had so far defaulted on about $16.6bn (£8.

1bn) of its debt and the only assets it had left were US government AAA-rated residential mortgage-backed securities

CCC said it also expected to default on this after the portfolio's value was marked down again on Wednesday

"Almost within the blink of an eye, a business that had borrowed $21bn from the world's biggest banks to invest in high-quality mortgage-backed securities will be gone, liquidated, kaput," said BBC business editor Robert Peston

"Such is the whirlwind blowing through global financial markets"

CCC's collapse will lose its clients some $600m

'Highly illiquid'

The irony of CCC's problems is that the measures brought in to help ease the global credit crunch, may actually have exacerbated the situation

Earlier this week, the US Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank and other central banks said they would pump $200bn into financial markets to stimulate lending

As part of their plan, they would allow lenders to put up the problematic mortgage-backed securities as collateral for the new central bank-backed loans they were offering

However, instead of underpinning the mortgage-backed securities market, it seems to have had the opposite effect, giving lenders an opportunity to dump the risky asset

"The Fed's new lending emergency lending facility allows the banks to swap mortgage-backed debt for Treasury Bills in a way that Carlyle could not do," said the BBC's business editor

"So it would be rational for the banks to take Carlyle's assets and exchange them for top-quality, liquid US government bonds, rather than leave loans in place to a business, Carlyle, whose assets remained highly illiquid"

Now refer to this article...

Sorcha Faal's political articles have often been criticized as propagandic, unreliable, and exaggerating real situations through faulty analysis... However, this one really caught my attention. Read it and judge for yourself.

You must click and check out all the reference news links and piece the puzzle together

US Prepares For ‘Doomsday’ Rule As British Forces Arrive In America

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo)

March 8, 2008

Russian Military Analysts are reporting in the Kremlin today that China’s President Hu has refused the United States request for over $2 Trillion in emergency assistance to bolster the collapsing American Dollar, and asked for in a personal meeting with the former US President Bush, the father of the current President Bush

Of the worst fears of the American Bush-Clinton Monarchy, which has ruled the US these past 20 years, these reports state, is the collapse of their privately owned hedge fund called the Carlyle Capital Fund and which is owned by their secretive war profiteering International behemoth Carlyle Group led by the Bush Family, Former British Prime Ministers, and others of the West’s ruling elite, and as we can read as reported by Britain’s Independent News Service:

"A fund managed by the US private equity giant Carlyle Group has become the latest to be hit by demands from lending banks making calls on loans secured on mortgage bonds.

Carlyle Capital Corp, a publicly traded fund that holds $21. 7bn (£10. 8bn) of securities, said it had received a default notice from one of its lending banks and expected at least one more after it failed to meet demands for extra security from jittery counterparties.

The Guernsey-based fund has struggled to meet more than $60m of margin calls and demands for extra collateral since the start of the month. It met the calls until Wednesday, when it was landed with more than $37m of demands and missed four out of seven calls."

To the greatest concerns, however, of Russian Military Commanders are the reports of President Bush’s younger brother Neil’s ‘sudden’ visit to the South American Nation of Paraguay as a guest of the secretive South Korean backer of the Bush-Clinton Monarchy, and self-proclaimed "messiah" Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service:

"Neil Bush, younger brother of U. S. President George W. Bush, called on Paraguay's president as the guest of a business federation founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

A presidential press office source, who spoke on condition of not being named, confirmed the younger Bush met President Nicanor Duarte on Thursday along with a delegation from the Universal Peace Federation, a group associated with Moon."

[It is important to note that the Bush Family has reportedly already made plans to relocate from the United States to Paraguay, and as we had reported on in our October 15, 2006 report titled "US President Bush Makes Massive Land Purchase In Paraguay Ahead Of Expected War Crimes Charges", but denied by the US State Department, as that South American Nation has long been a refuge for Nazi War Criminals and their Western backers, of which the Bush Family were one of]

The timing of this Bush Family-Moon visit to Paraguay during that Nation’s horrific outbreak of yellow fever, and which has caused its President to declare a ‘State of Emergency’, meant, these reports say, that ‘normal’ abilities of [deleted] to track the whereabouts of these subjects was severely hampered due to the many restrictions placed upon the free movement of people within the country

This has led Russian Commanders to believe that the Bush-Clinton Monarchy may be preparing for what the Americans themselves have titled a ‘Doomsday’ scenario under new laws passed in the US in 2005 and which has been described as:

"No longer do Capitol Hill legislators need a quorum to do the people’s business. Now under a piece of hotly contested legislation passed without media attention on Jan. 5,[2005] only a few members of Congress are needed to do official business in the event of a catastrophe instead of the usual 218. Critics claim H. Res. 5 paves the way for tyranny, allowing “only a few to decide for so many.”

As we had previously reported on in our February 24, 2008 report titled "Canadian Troops To Patrol US Cities As Food Riots Feared", and where Russian Military Analysts had voiced their fears of the agreement signed by the Americans and Canada to allow their troops on each others soil, these new reports detail an even darker picture that details that British, and not American, Officers are currently being trained to ‘control’ US citizens, and as we can read as reported by the LJWorld News Service in their report titled "Brits overrun town for training exercise", and which says:

"Thursday may have seemed like any other day for most in Leavenworth, but for about 180 British officers, an enemy was on the loose threatening civilians. Tactical forces were moved in, and soldiers took their positions outside schools and churches preparing to isolate the terrorist activity. While it may have been a fictional enemy in theory, for visiting officers with the United Kingdom’s Intermediate Command and Staff Course who were roaming the streets of Leavenworth, the tactical solutions they used to end the threats were real."

In previous reports we had detailed how the US Military had begun asking their soldiers if they would fire on American citizens and which has led to their War Leaders request to have Canadian and British Military Forces take command in putting down the expected rebellions in the United States as they are more likely to have no problems killing those not of their own nationality

Facing the American people now is the very real coming destruction of their Nation, and which their leaders have planned both for the success, and failure of, no matter the cost in human lives

But, in viewing from outside this destruction of the United States, it remains unsettling how few of these people realize the great danger they are in.

It is as if they believe that by their not knowing the truth of the

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saudis Prepare for"Sudden Nuclear Hazards"After Cheney Visit

whatreallyhappened. com

Monday, March 24, 2008


Worried Yet? Saudis Prepare for "Sudden Nuclear Hazards" After Cheney Visit

One Tick Closer to Midnight

Last Friday, Dick Cheney was in Saudi Arabia for high-level meetings with the Saudi king and his ministers.

On Saturday, it was revealed that the Saudi Shura Council -- the elite group that implements the decisions of the autocratic inner circle -- is preparing "national plans to deal with any sudden nuclear and radioactive hazards that may affect the kingdom following experts' warnings of possible attacks on Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactors," one of the kingdom's leading newspapers, Okaz, reports. The German-based dpa news service relayed the paper's story.

Simple prudence -- or ominous timing? We noted here last week that an American attack on Iran was far more likely -- and more imminent -- than most people suspect.

We pointed to the mountain of evidence for this case gathered by scholar William R. Polk, one of the top aides to John Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and to other indicators of impending war. The story by Okaz -- which would not have appeared in the tightly controlled dictatorship without approval from the top -- is yet another, very weighty piece of evidence laid in the scales toward a new, horrendous conflict.

We don't know what the Saudis told Cheney in private -- or even more to the point, what he told them.

But the release of this story now, just after his departure, would seem to be a clear indication that the Saudis have good reason to fear a looming attack on Iran's nuclear sites and are actively preparing for it.


A Nuclear Epiphany in Iran?

And they certainly should be bracing themselves. A U.S. attack on Iran will come suddenly, and if it is indeed aimed at destroying Iran's nuclear capabilities -- a "threat" being talked up again with new urgency by both Cheney and Bush lately -- it has the potential for unimaginable consequences.

As we noted here in a previous piece:

..Twelve hours. One circuit of the sun from horizon to horizon, one course of the moon from dusk to dawn. What was once a natural measurement for the daily round of human life is now a doom-laden interval between the voicing of an autocrat's brutal whim and the infliction of mass annihilation halfway around the world.


Twelve hours is the maximum time necessary for American bombers to gear up and launch an unprovoked sneak attack – a Pearl Harbor in reverse – against Iran, the Washington Post reports….And when this attack comes – either as a stand-alone "knock-out blow" or else as the precursor to a full-scale, regime-changing invasion, like the earlier aggression in Iraq – there will be no warning, no declaration of war, no hearings, no public debate. The already issued orders governing the operation put the decision solely in the hands of the president: he picks up the phone, he says, "Go" – and in twelve hours' time, up to a million Iranians could be dead.


This potential death toll is not pacifist hyperbole; it comes from a National Academy of Sciences study sponsored by the Pentagon itself, as The Progressive reports.

(Although Bush's military brass like to peddle the public lie that "we don't do body counts" of the enemy, in reality, like all good businessmen they keep precise accounts of their production outputs: i.e., corpses.

) The Pentagon's NAS study calibrated the kill-rate from "bunker-busting" tactical nukes used to take out underground facilities – such as those which house much of ....Iran....'s nuclear power program.


Another simulation by scientists, using Pentagon-devised software, was even more specific, measuring the aftermath of a "limited" nuclear attack on the main Iranian underground site in Esfahan, the magazine reports.

This small expansion of the Pentagon franchise would result in stellar production figures: three million people killed by radiation in just two weeks, and 35 million people exposed to dangerous levels of cancer-causing radiation in ..Afghanistan.., ..Pakistan.. and ....India.....
Bush has about 50 nuclear "earth-penetrating weapons" at his disposal, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists.


Nor is the idea of a nuclear strike on ....Iran.... mere "liberal paranoia." Bush himself pointedly refused to take the nuclear option "off the table" this week. But what's more, Bush has made the use of nuclear weapons a centerpiece of his "National Security Strategy of the United States," issued last month, The Progressive notes. While reaffirming the criminal principle of "pre-emptive" attacks on perceived enemies which may or may not be threatening America with weapons they may or may not possess, Bush declared that "safe, credible and reliable nuclear forces continue to play a critical role" in the "offensive strike systems" that are now a key part of America's "deterrence.

" ....

In the depraved jargon of atomic warmongering, a "credible" nuclear force is one that can and will be used in the course of ordinary military operations. It is no longer to be regarded as a sacred taboo.

This has long been the dream of the Pentagon's "nuclear priesthood" and its acolytes, going back to the days of ..Hiroshima.. and ....Nagasaki.....
For decades, a strong faction within the American power structure has been afflicted with a perverted craving to unleash these weapons once more. An almost sexual frustration can be discerned in their laments as time and again, in crisis after crisis, their counsels for "going nuclear" were rejected – often at the very last moment. To justify their aberrant desire, they have relentlessly demonized an ever-changing array of "enemies," painting each one as an imminent, overwhelming threat, led by "madmen" in thrall to pure evil, impervious to reason, fit only for destruction. Evidence for the "threat" is invariably exaggerated, manipulated, even manufactured; this ritual cycle has been enacted over and over, leading to many wars – but never to that ultimate, orgasmic release.


Now this paranoid sect has at last seized the commanding heights of American power....

And they have found a most eager disciple in the peevish dullard strutting in the Oval Office. Under their sinister tutelage, Bush has eviscerated 40 years' worth of arms control treaties; officially "normalized" the use of nuclear weapons, even against non-nuclear states; rewarded outlaw proliferators like India, Israel and Pakistan; and is now destroying the last and most effective restraint on the spread of nuclear weapons: the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).


The treaty guarantees its signatories – such as ....Iran.... – the right to establish nuclear power programs in exchange for rigorous international inspections.

But Bush has arbitrarily decided that ....Iran.... – whose nuclear program undergone perhaps the most extensive inspection process in history – must end its lawful activities. Why? Because the country is led by "madmen" in thrall to pure evil, impervious to reason, who one day may or may not threaten America with weapons they may or may not have.


So the NPT is dead. As with the Geneva Conventions and the U.S. Constitution, it now means only what Bush says it means. Force of arms, not rule of law, is the new world order.

The attack on ....Iran.... is coming….

The nuclear sectarians have waited decades for this moment. Such a chance may never come again.

Will they let it pass, when with just a word, in just twelve hours, they can see their god rising in a pillar of fire over ....Persia....?



In all the years that Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq, he only managed to murder 20% as many of his people, as we have...

Date: Dec 2, 2007 12:21 PM


How Would You Feel If This Was Your Life?

Democracy has arrived

What if all foreign visitors to your town dressed like this?

Would you feel threatened?

What if........

you came home to your old neighborhood and it looked like this?

and you found this lying in the street?

and your sacred places looked like this?

Would you be sad?

What if...

this was your mother, and the home you grew up in?

this was your sister, your parents killed by gunfire
as your family drove down the street?

this was your son on the way to the hospital
after being shot at a demonstration?

funerals in yoiur city looked like this?

Would you be angry?

What if this was your school?

Or you were home-schooled...

and this was your playground?

Could you do this?

Or this?

Or try this?


Yet, somehow, hope and beauty cannot be extinguished....

in truly blessed people

Now, tell me.........

If someone treated you like this

Would you obey unquestioningly?

Would you do this?

Finally, if, as a result, your child was born like this?

Would you start to wonder why it all had to happen?

And ask questions?


*REPOST THIS BULLETIN*(to repost hit reply then copy code then paste code onto new bulletin)

The media would have you believe its a third world sand pit-come and visit the real Iran!!!!

also posted by

hecktor dangus, esq.
don Alli




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