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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Violent relationships and why?

One third of American women report that at some time in their lives they were involved in abusive controlling and often violent relationships. Entertainer Tina Turner and Nicole Brown Simpson were just two well-known examples. Why don't the victims of abusive partners leave? What draws them into and holds them much like prisoners within destructive and potentially unsafe relationships?

Cult expert and intervention specialist Rick Ross explains this phenomenon in a breakthrough analysis presented on DVD and video. Ross parallels the process and dynamics of "cult brainwashing" to what has been called the "battered woman syndrome."

Step-by-step the man Time Magazine named a "veteran cult watcher" details in-depth how a parent, sibling or friend can recognize an abusive controlling relationship and respond to its consequences. From warning signs to coping strategies Ross relates the frequently subtle process of manipulation that draws unsuspecting people into abusive situations in the name of love. He offers a synthesis of research and first-hand observations based upon professional experience. Learn to avoid a controlling relationship or how a careful considered family response can help the victim of an abusive partner break free.

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