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Friday, November 16, 2007

We should not support China

I’d like to ask all American to think about America’ future. We are American, so we need to support our country. We should not support China, because China could be the most dangerous enemy to America in the future. We should stop buying products made in china, because the more we buy their products their economic will grow stronger, and one day they will be strong enough and they will turn their face back to kick AMERICA. Just remember, within seven years from now, China has grown very fast, and they’ve been fighting America from the DARK. The more we buy china products, the higher unemployment rate in America. Anyway, china products have very bad quality, toothpastes, toys and foods contain poison that would kill American. I’m not sure if that is their goal to kill all American by poisoning all of America. Please, wake up AMERICAN. Only buy stuffs made in America or any foreign country that is REAL FRIEND of America.

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