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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Seven Year Tribulation under the antchrist

I. The Years Leading Up to the Seven Year Tribulation Under the Antichrist-King
a. Increased "Falling Away" from Christianity into Various New Age Religions
b. Global Warming Affects Weather Patterns Causing Weather Related Disasters
c. Dramatic Increase in Earthquakes, Floods, Drought, Disease Strains, and War
d. A Peace Treaty Will Finally Be Accepted by Both the Israelis and Palestinians
II. The Epic Disaster Which Forces the World to Change Under the "Great Work"
a. A Comet Devastates Much of the U.S. While Other Disasters Plague Globally
b. The Russia-Iran Alliance (Gog/Magog) Attempts to Invade Israel; Islam is Routed
c. Israel Turns to its National Religious Roots, Recognizing God; Temple Rebuilt
d. Without America, the European Union Ascends to Global Police/Power Status
III. The Earth Begins to Rebuild Itself; A Global Reconstruction Period is Enacted
a. Raptured Souls Counted Among the Millions of "Missing Persons" Worldwide
b. Strange Angelic Beings, False Teachers, and a "Raiser of Global Taxes" Arise
c. The Antichrist is Made King in England, His Global Power Greatly Increased
d. Antichrist (Re)confirms the Annapolis Treaty between Israel and Arab States
e. After Many False Signs and Miracles, Antichrist Accepted as Israel's Messiah
f. Three Years of Relative Global Peace; Solar Mark of the Beast; World Prospers
IV. 3 1/2 Years into the Reign of Antichrist, the Peace Covenant is Quickly Broken
a. In One Day European Armies Under the Antichrist Conquer and Take Jerusalem
b. Lucifer within Antichrist Enters the Third Temple and Claims to be God Himself
c. The Two Witnesses who were Killed by Antichrist Suddenly Ascend into Heaven
V. The Great Tribulation Period Begins; Earth's Last Forty-Two Months of Great Evil
a. God Pours Out His Great Wrath Upon the Wickedness of Earth in 7 Final Stages
b. News of Invasion from the North (Russia) and East (China) Troubles Antichrist
c. Antichrist Plans a Final War with the Worlds Armies in the Valley of Megiddo
d. Christ Returns; Antichrist is Defeated; Israel Finally Accepts its True Messiah
VI. The Seventh Millennial Period; 1000 Years of Sabbath Rest; The Earth at Peace
a. The Third Temple is Cleansed; Millennial Reign of Christ from Jerusalem Begins
b. Entire Planet at Rest; Earth is Taught of God by Christ Himself; A True 'New Age'
c. The Final and Last War Waged by GogMagog/Satan is Put Down by God Himself
VII. The Age of Testing Finally Ended; A New Heaven Descends upon a New Earth
a. The Great White Throne Judgment as God and Christ Judge Every Created Soul
b. The Faithful Enter the Kingdom of God; The Damned are Cast into Hell with Satan
c. A New Heaven Descends Upon a New Earth and The Trinity Dwells with Mankind

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