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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Give the Bees a Voice


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"Something the average person can do," says Mendela, "is to write to their senators and representatives in congress on the federal level and to do the same on the state level to support funding of honeybee research. This support has fallen off over the years."

The news focus on CCD makes it an ideal time to put pressure on politicians to reinstate laws that used to prevent importing bees into the country and transporting them across state borders.

Large or small, any effort you make to help bees or increase awareness is a step towards healthy bees, healthy crops, and, consequently, healthy humans.

The Disappearing Honey Bees: Beekeepers on What's Happening

Colony Collapse Disorder is causing honey bees around the world to die without explanation. Backyard beekeepers and experts describe the relationship between humans and bees, how CCD is impacting colonies, and how everyone can help their recovery.

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