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Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Brother - Coming Soon to a Street Conversation Near You.

Cameras Listen for Pre-Crime Tone


Warning, this news report contains *numerous* tone messages to guide or tailor your opinion of the topics and turn word groupings into mental considerations favorable and similar to those presenting the programs' viewpoints.

We can measure the voices of candidates and officials for pre-lie tone. You can easily tell how someone in a social environment is feeling if you listen closely to their tone. Many have automatic mechanisms to reflect what they are thinking as tone. This thought is not precursor to anything necessarily but may indicate considerations.

If you listened to Mit Romney, you could tell from his tone and then the song that tone played out as that he is a frequent liar and has probably lied and changed the statement of events that he told to his wife. Or that he has very deep and self-overlapping conflicts regarding that aspect of mormonism.

You can tell as well that Barack Obama has numerous very small geometric inconsistencies in his tone. He is a liar in his heart and mind but has advanced lie-avoiding and lie-covering techniques. He is probably the most effective public relations manager in terms of selling and marketing the raft of political goals and ideologies however flawed and unequal of the banking parties.

Ron Paul never lied and has very good explanation equipment for moving information, and leaves out numerous wide open tone spaces for others to join in to his song or interact with it or change the topic. He has very good topic controlling equipment, but was hijacked at the end of the campaign by healthcare, something that is good but which needs to be done well and for which there are few good answers in this economy and social structure.

The realities of the situation will collapse soon as the tone systems and the political social and economic structures presented by the media and bankers are terminal avenues and produce unsustainable practices. Regardless of the tone, love is greater and the truth will be found superior.

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