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Sunday, March 16, 2008

What if I told you that 10 months before 9/11

What if I told you that 10 months before 9/11, Saddam Hussein did something very big, and pissed off the US Administration?
by Zorn

In November of 2000, Hussein switched to selling oil in Euros, when normally all OPEC nations sell their oil in US Dollars. Why?

As Ron Paul explains the US added a secret agreement to the overall OPEC Agreement where OPEC nations promised to sell oil in US dollars, and no other currency. This effectively backs the US dollar in oil, and all countries need US dollars in their reserves. This article explains why.

This is why some people call our currency The Petrodollar.

When Hussein started selling oil in Euros, it attacked the dollar's dominance as the world currency. And of course, two other countries tried, or are trying, to follow suit. Venezuela tried in 2001, and within a year Chavez was almost removed in a military coup , he states it is widely rumored that our CIA was involved in that coup.
And now Iran is starting its own oil bourse (exchange).

Notice a trend here?

Luckily for Bush, 9/11 happened not long after Hussein started selling oil in Euros, otherwise we would not be in Iraq. Interestingly, all Iraqi reserves were quickly converted back to US dollars once we took over, and oil was once again sold in US dollars. Boy were we lucky we had an excuse to get our military into the Middle East. Whew.

To add some fuel to the fire, you have Peak Oil. The link goes to a US Department of Energy Report, called the Hirsch Report, that talks about the peaking of world oil supplies, and future 'energy shortages.' Oh, and US and UK oil companies are also going to reap profits from the sale of Iraqi oil. Like icing on the cake.

Luckily we are in Iraq, making permanent bases to 'spread Democracy'. It is also very fortunate that Global Warming became widely known about a year and a half after the Hirsch Report stated:
"Waiting until world oil production peaks before taking crash program action leaves the world with a significant liquid fuel deficit for more than two decades.

Most sources feel we either hit 'peak' in 2005, or will hit it by 2012. So fortunately Global Warming became an issue. How would the US Government explain to people why they had to save energy and drive more fuel efficient cars? What would happen if the morning news started with "we are headed for 20 years of energy shortages, the worlds oil is in decline!".

Panic. People would at least go into Survival Mode™, not spending any more money than necessary… which would send our economy into a horrible spiral.
So here we are. Our military is smack dab in the middle of the remaining oil left in the world, people are working to 'become energy independent' and never think to ask why we didn't need to be independent back when Saddam was killing the Kurds…

and they don't panic because luckily, we have another reason to use to explain to people why they need to cut back on energy usage and of course, why other countries should too. We are ensuring that the worlds oil is sold in dollars…

except for those pesky Iranians, trying to set up their oil bourse. I wonder what will happen when Iran gets that set up?

Iran completes oil bourse, February 17th, 2008.

Oh yes, the next time you see tiny speedboats 'menacing' US warships, remember that The Gulf of Tonkin never happened. 50K Americans, and millions of Vietnamese died and years later it turns out there were not even any Vietnamese boats there at all on the second day…

and on the first day, OUR soldiers shot at the Vietnamese - and they still did not fire back at us.

So ask yourself: do you think Bush would care about 3000 dead Americans, now that you see there are solid, very real motives for attacking Iraq?

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